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36 Inch Bar Stools

36 Inch Bar Stools

When you need seating that is higher than normal, 36 inch bar stools may provide just the kind of height you’re looking for. 


These extra tall bar stools are higher than their standard counterparts, but many kitchen islands, countertops, bar tables, and bar counters need something with a bit more boost than the average.  When your countertop is higher than normal, it can be frustrating to try to work with lower seating because it is uncomfortable or will look wrong as a part of the room’s overall décor. When you suit the height of the seating specifically to the surface to which it will be matched, the room will appear to have a better balance, and anyone sitting down will feel much more natural and comfortable.

Ensuring that you use 36 inch bar stools when suiting seating to higher surfaces will also ensure that you don’t contribute to any posture issues among the individuals using the seats.  By using sufficiently highbar stools that are the right height for the counter, the postures taken will contribute to problems with the legs and lower back and can actually cause them if used regularly over time.

The problem with 36 inch bar stools for a long time was that they were very difficult to find.  People with higher surfaces would have to hunt for these pieces for a long time, pay astronomical prices for custom-made furniture, or would have to settle for 34 inch bar stools and 24 inch bar stools for the height of their counters.  Even when they could be found, the selection was extremely limited, making it difficult to match the décor of the room.  In fact, many people found that it was easier to match the room to the stool than the other way around.

36 Inch Bar Stools - Gaining Popularity

Now that higher countertops have become very popular, though, the high 36 inch bar stools have become popular right along with them, making them significantly easier to find.  They are readily available at many stores that sell that type of seating and can be found in many kinds of styles, materials, colors, and patterns.

Of course, these tall bar stools aren’t just beneficial when you have a counter that is abnormally high. They also help when you or the other members of your household are under six feet tall.  The extra height can help more petite individuals to sit more comfortably at a countertop that is a few inches shorter than the super-high surfaces that are in style today. 

If you aren’t sure if 36 inch bar stools are the right height for your counter, take the time to measure the distance from the floor to the under-side of the countertop, bar, or table.  When you know, you’ll be able to choose which height best suits your surface and needs for the seating. And if you have an active enviroment and want to move the stool between surfaces of varying heights, then also consider and adjustable bar stool. Hopefully, this information about 36 inch bar stools will help you find the perfect chairs.


 August 01, 2020 

 36 Inch Bar Stools
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