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Extra Tall Bar Stools

Extra Tall Bar Stools

When you choose the right extra tall bar stools, such as 36 inch bar stools, for example, then there isn’t a countertop, table, or bar too high for you to add seating.


Whether your bar or counters are inside or outside, if you want to get the most out of the space, adding seating can certainly help you in that effort. By investing in the right size seating, your family and your guests will automatically gravitate toward the space and be comfortable seated there.

Where you used to have a surface that seemed only appropriate for standing, extra tall bar stools give the option to settle in and remain comfortably for a while longer.  This is great for adding a breakfast counter to your kitchen’s high countertop or for making it more pleasant to entertain using your home’s bar. Where you’d previously only used a very high surface to store plants or other little decorative items, you can now seat people, creating a new gathering spot in your home that will encourage togetherness and conversation.

Extra Tall Bar Stools - Room To Stretch Your Legs

Extra tall bar stools, such as 36 inch bar stools or taller, are designed in such a way that they are just the ideal height to suit higher-than-standard surfaces while making them comfortable seating and easy to climb up onto and from which to step down. This being said, high seating like 36 inch bar stools means more than just a stool with very long legs.  They have the right design to make them practical at that height, too.

Even better is the fact that high counters are now very fashionable, making it possible to find extra tall bar stools in virtually every color and design that can be found in their shorter counterparts.  They’re available for sale in lots of different materials, shapes, and styles, making it easy to suit your own taste and décor.

The three primary styles in which extra tall bar stools are available are: modern (also known as contemporary), traditional, and antique. There are also options among adjustable and swivel, as well as those with and without backs and arms.  There are hard seats and those with padding, as well.  With all of the options currently on the market, you won’t struggle to come up with options.  Your main challenge will be in narrowing down the choices to select the right ones for your space.

Don’t forget that extra tall bar stools can also be great surfaces for decorating.  For example, if you tuck one into the corner of a guest room and sit an attractive lamp or stuffed animal ion its surface, you’ve creatively added a stylish high table to the room in a unique way. This is much easier to accomplish than to try to find a tall table with similar dimensions.

 August 01, 2020 

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