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Adjustable Bar Stool

Adjustable Bar Stool

An adjustable bar stool is a great choice if you're seeking versatility and flexibility.


Making sure that your chair is the right height for you is an important part of ensuring that you’ll be comfortable, have good posture, and will not harm your lower back or legs, which is why an adjustable bar stool is great when you’ll be sitting at a counter.  Though it may be difficult to have a chair that you can change for a perfect setting, with stools at a countertop, you have a larger number of possibilities.

An adjustable bar stool can be brought down quite low or up even higher than 36 inch bar stools depending on your own height and your comfort preferences for the surface in front of you.  This means that you can relax, socialize, drink a beverage, eat a meal, or play a game with the chair in the right position for you, while your neighbor will also have customized the settings for comfort and function. 

Furthermore, it means that when your family is seated at the counter, both you and your children can use a matching adjustable bar stool and still have it set to the perfect height.  You can even bring it over to the dining room table on special occasions since it’s easier for your child to sit on one of those chairs for a bit of extra height than it would be for your child to sit on a dining room chair and be too low, or have to find a booster seat or telephone book.

Adjustable Bar Stool - The Perfect Solution

An adjustable bar stool truly is the perfect seating for many occasions simply due to the fact that it can be customized.  Even businesses are starting to catch on to the fact that these pieces are great for maintaining a certain style while allowing their employees or customers to alter the height to better suit them. 

You can place an adjustable bar stool in any of many different places within the home, ranging from the bar itself, to a high kitchen counter, a tall bistro table, kitchen islands, and other areas where a higher-than-normal surface requires seating, or where the chairs need to take up a smaller amount of room than usual.  Even the smallest child can reach the tallest counter when you have the right kind of seat set up for him or her.

An adjustable bar stool also allows you to get more for your money.  If you have a kitchen island that requires a 34 inch height, but you also have a bar that needs 36 inch bar stools, then you’ll be able to simply move the pieces you already have and change the settings without having to make an additional purchase.  Or, if you already have seating in both places, you can always make room for more people by adding onto those already there and changing the height to suit the surface. 

So, rather than buying 36 inch bar stools, 34 inch bar stools, 24 inch bar stools, or some other size, just go with adjustable bar stools to cover whatever size you need.

 August 02, 2020 

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