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34 Inch Bar Stools

34 Inch Bar Stools

Just like 36 inch bar stools, 34 inch bar stools allow you to add seating to a surface that is higher than the typical desk or kitchen table.


Since bars, kitchen counters and islands, ultra-tall bistro tables, and other high surfaces no longer come in a standard height, you will want to be able to sit comfortably no matter what table or countertop you’re using and no matter how tall the people are who will be sitting there.  The trick is to find out how tall the surface is and therefore what height the stools will have to be.

The standard used to be 30 inches.  This was comfortable for the most part with the average kitchen counter height.  However, with taller areas becoming very fashionable, thirty inches doesn’t quite do the trick anymore.  Instead, 34 inch bar stools and 36 inch bar stools give that extra bit of height that will make all the difference to be able to properly reach and use the surface of the countertop or table, without having to sit uncomfortably, arch, or simply feel silly sitting too low.

34 Inch Bar Stools - Think Beyond Counter Height

Of course, the surface height of the countertop isn’t the only thing that dictates the comfort level of the 34 inch bar stools.  Stools have foot rails so that your legs don’t have to swing freely the entire time that you’re seated.  Without them, it would become uncomfortable and possibly even painful.  In the case of higher stools, it can even make it difficult to get on and off without the foot rail. 

Typically speaking, a foot rail occurs about halfway between the seat of the stool and the floor. This is usually the most comfortable level until you get into very tall seats such as 36 inch bar stools where the halfway mark may be just a little bit too far away.  Instead, either two foot rails are built into those stools, or the one foot rail is built a bit higher than halfway.  Just make sure to test the seat to make sure that the rail isn’t located too high up.  If you feel cramped sitting with your feet on it, then you’ll know that the design isn’t what you wanted.

If you’re trying to decide if 34 inch bar stools are right for your surface, all you need to do is measure.  Take a measuring tape and find the height from the floor to the underside of the table or countertop.  Since a person of about average size will want in around eight to ten inches between the seat and the underside of the surface, if your counter is anywhere from forty to forty four inches high, then you can use a typical sized stool.  However, if your surface is forty five inches or higher, then you’ll need to add extra height to your seating, too!

 August 01, 2020 

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