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24 Inch Bar Stools

24 Inch Bar Stools

Use the following ideas for finding 24 inch bar stools and decorating your home or business with them.


Though 24 inch bar stools probably aren’t the height that comes to mind when you think about that particular kind of seating, extreme sizes such as 36 inch bar stools are increasingly coming into fashion to allow for a wider range of use with those chairs.  This is especially true when it comes to decorating the kitchen, which is one of the places that people most like to renovate and redecorate in order to keep up with what is modern and trendy. 

After all, we spend a lot of time in our kitchens, so why not make them a pleasant and attractive place to be.  For this reason, a café-style kitchen has become a very popular decorating style as it is comfortable, lighthearted, and feels unique.

To create a café kitchen, you may not to change very much at all.  In fact, you may even be able to keep the countertops and cupboards you already have in place.  If you have a neutral, brown, or terracotta color scheme, you may not even need to repaint the walls (unless they need a fresh coat).  It’s the accessories that make the big difference in this style of kitchen.  Round or square tables with a glass or wood top add to the effect, with 24 inch bar stools to match.

24 Inch Bar Stools Offer Versatility

A typical kitchen table in wood or with wrought iron legs goes well with the café effect, but stools of the standard height or taller 36 inch bar stools would be much too high for that surface.  Instead, 24 inch bar stools – much lower than the typical thirty inches – give the same effect without having to find a very high table or settle for clunky chairs that take away from the appeal you’re trying to achieve. 

Wood or wrought iron to match the table will continue the effect, especially with a whimsical or quirky upholstered cushion on the seat. This is an especially fun effect when you’re using a glass-topped table because you’ll be able to see the pattern of the seat through the tabletop.

Because of the popularity of the style, it’s no longer difficult to find 24 inch bar stools as it used to be.  In fact this type of seating is extremely common in kitchens nowadays.  Taller ones such as 36 inch bar stools are among the most common forms of chairs for kitchen islands and breakfast counters. 

The benefits of the seating are now carrying over into shorter forms because of their visual appeal and the fact that they don’t take up very much room.  This makes them workable for café type kitchens that are on the smaller side, as well. With all of the choice available, it also means that you’re sure to find one that you’ll like that will also be well within your budget.


 August 02, 2020 

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